Saturday, July 14, 2007

Catorce de Julio

I woke at 5am to watch the same sun rise, but alas the sky was covered shore to sky with dark rain clouds … equally as beautiful.

After paying for our meals and nightstay, we decide to walk along the shore to the next town – in the rain. The beach was nearly abandoned, besides a few locals washing laundry in the lake, a few kids bathing, and a few Spanish cowboys.

Also, fitting the eerie mood of this gloomy shore perfectly, a few ugly vultures peck at the eyeball of a dead fish.

We walked for three hours along the lake, then through the muddy roads canopied by green trees dripping dew and drops all the way. We were drenched and happy as we hola’d the locals and marveled at the butterflies.

We hiked uphill for 300 meters to the next nights accommodations, The Finca Magdelena which, located on the side of Volcan Maderas, was Heaven.

This finca (farm) needs no artificial fertilizers due to the rich volcanic soil. It is completely self-sustaining, so all the food we ate was from their gardens and the water we drank was filtered directly from the mountain springs. Heaven, indeed.

After sunset, Adam and I sat on the porch with our Toña’s (the Nicaraguan beer of choice) and named as many of the world’s countries as we could think of, then went to bed.

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