Monday, July 9, 2007

Nueve de Julio

Every Monday and Tuesday, Adam teaches guitar at La Epifania, a small school in one of the poor neighborhoods.

Ritmo de los Barrios (Rhythm of the Barrios) brings musical education to the kids who otherwise would not experience the joy of learning an instrument. Adam also teaches choir on Wednesdays and Thursdays and a few other volunteers teach flute, percussion, and piano. The program is fairly new which gives the volunteers completely open criteria for lesson plans.

The most common problem we’ve encountered is the lack of structure in the schools to begin with. There seems to be no kind of schedule or curriculum and the kids are often running around aimlessly, so its difficult to keep the kids attention sometimes. Other than that Adam loves it.

During our bike ride home today, we stopped at shack full of kids for some photos. The photos always start sad and solemn, as the kids are not used to having their photos taken…

...but always end in huge smiles and giggles as they LOVE seeing the photos on the little digital screen of my camera…

Later in the day we went to our favorite place to find a bunch bustling Nicaraguans – El Mercado. It’s an outdoor marketplace where one can find absolutely anything and everything.

At the market, one can also find any and every kind of person.

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