Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cuatro de Julio

There exists in this country nearly no moral conscience when it comes to stealing something that doesn’t belong to you.

I asked Lilly today, “How do you know who you can trust in this country?” I wanted to know when she hired guards and cleaning ladies is her gut reaction a good enough judge of character?

“No.” came her quick reply. “ You can’t trust anybody,” she said and proceeded to tell us a few stories of very close friends and companions of her who have robbed her blind.

We are exceptionally careful and aware when we have our laptop or camera out of the house, but when even the grandmas steal, its exhausting keeping an eye on everyone.

Here there are no laws.

Infants even ride on motorcycles, something you would never, ever see in the United States. When Dad’s gotta steer and Mom’s holding on to a giant fruit basket and maybe another kid, Baby’s just gotta hold on tight. It’s insane, but definitely nothing that would make headline news, like Britney Spears and her SUV baby-on-lap fiasco.

Here the only law seems to be: Do whatcha gotta do to make do.

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