Saturday, July 21, 2007

Veintiuno de Julio

Laguna de Apollo is a fresh water lagoon with crystal blue water and colorful fish surrounded by mountains and giant stones that are perfect for jumping off.

Dying for a swim, Teddy, Adam and I get on our bikes and begin our trek thru a busted barrio called La Prusia. Along the way, we ask a few locals which is the best route to the laguna.

You’d think we’d have learned by now not to ask the locals for directions.

“Este camino es mejor. Es muy facil,” says one amigo, while the next fellow says, “No. Este camino as muy DIFficil. La otra ruta es major.”

In the end, we had chosen an UPHILL dirt road that led to a perilously rocky DOWNHILL hike to the lagoon. Et maka no sins. But oh well – it was a good workout.

Even though the oxen herding hombre warned against it, we left our bikes tied to a tree at the top of the hill because the downhill hike was too narrow and hazardous to take them with us.

At last, we arrived at the Laguna! It felt like we had found a secret place, for there was not a soul around (besides a local family playing in a small wooden boat around the bend). For an hour we swam, attempted a few photos with my underwater camera, and passed the pair of goggles back at forth to marvel at the fishies.

The sun was starting to set on us, and since that’s the way scary movies begin, we packed up our stuff and began the hike back to our bikes, sharing the path with a few angry oxen along the way.

Our bikes were safe and sound so we flew the whole way home – DOWN HILL! J This time I peddled and ADAM rode the pegs (probably a cultural faux pas – but it was fun!)

Later, we find out that a few friends of ours were recently robbed at machete point on the exact same trail …. And I was worried about seeing SNAKEs! Ha.

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